Professional Freelance Adobe Photoshop Services in Delhi

Photo Manipulation by Ajit Gupta Creation
Photo Manipulation
The best tool for a graphic designer is Adobe Photoshop and an artist can develop seriously beautiful pictures through it. If you are a photographer, a creative artist or any type of designer, then you need this software to turn your normal pictures into alluring Photos. This one software can beat all the android photograph editing apps and even Instagram filters. If you know how to use it efficiently then it’s great but if you don’t then you need to hire a professional freelance Adobe Photoshop artist who can turn your photographs into an art.
For fun fact, it is a 1990’s developed software in C++ and Pascal. This one software is still the queen of all the photo editing software, but it needs a king to create art through it. Hiring Photoshop freelancer is not tough but hiring a professional Photoshop freelancer artist is quote tough in the world of Digital marketing where everything is marketed without focusing on Quality of product.

Freelance Services of Adobe Photoshop

There is nothing related to image editing that this photoshop can’t do. Still, there are certain jobs that this Adobe Photoshop is known for. Here are some most famous jobs done by this tool.
Background Removal by Ajit Gupta Creation
Face Retouch for Marks, wrinkles etc by AjitGuptaCreation

  • Image Correction
  • Image Manipulation
  • Photoshop Masking
  • Special effects (Not like Instagram effects)
  • Cutting and out
  • Digital Painting
  • Digital Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Color Correction
  • Create Posters and Book Covers
  • Advanced Retouch
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Background Removal  or Clipping Path
  • Neck joint/3D ghost mannequin
  • Shadow creation
  • E-commerce Image Processing
  • Photograph Restoration
  • UI/UX Designing

Photoshop Art of Manipluation by adding multiple similar items by Ajit Gupta Creation
Photo Manipulation by Adobe Photoshop

Photo Retouching Service in Delhi

Beauty Retouch services in Delhi
Personal Photograph Retouching
If you are struggling to produce high-quality pictures for your social media profiles, websites and to print then you must try my “Photo Retouching Service”. I retouch the existing photographs to generate a better and beautiful picture than before. You can ask to remove any stranger, object, stray hairs and wrinkles from your photograph for free in this service.

I offer many services in Photoshop Freelancing Services in Delhi, India and some of them are
  • Model Photographs Retouching
  • Wedding Photographs Retouching
  • Holiday Photos Retouching
  • Jewellery Retouching
  • Fashion Retouching
  • Photo Restoration
Models Retouch in Delhi freelancer Ajit Gupta
Model Photographs Retouching Service by Ajit Gupta Creation

E-commerce product photo Editing Services

Are you Online seller or retailer?
Are you struggling with your photographs to be edited for uploading on e-commerce websites?
Are you Confused with product listing photographs requirement guidelines?

Here is the solution for you now in New Delhi, India.......

Background Removal through photoshop by Ajit
Any Product Background Removal
You are at the right place, I with my team can do it for you at affordable prices. E-commerce product photo post-production is important as the E-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Myntra, Snapdeal etc. need PNG images of product with proper Image editing and masking. I, Ajit Gupta Creation, can do all the editing, cutting and masking for your product to be listed on online shopping stores. Just Mail us the original Photographs as high quality as you can and leave rest of the things to us. Your product photographs will speak of your product’s features. The effects we use to mask an e-commerce product have proven the increase in the sale of the Sellers we worked for.

Ecommerce product Background Removal through photoshop by Ajit
Ecommerce Product Background Removal

The product photographs will undergo several phases during our services such as:

  • Background Removal (Transparent/white/custom)
  • Retouching to enhance photo quality
  • Cropping, padding, and alignment
  • Shadow Creation (on demand)
If you are an apparel product seller/retailer, then flaunt your clothing segment with Neck Joint and 3D Ghost Mannequin which attracts more costumer and improve sales. This Process includes a special process such as:
  • Remove Mannequin through retouching
  • Combining images to Neck Joint
  • 3D Ghost Mannequin

Real Estate Photo Editing Services in Delhi NCR

Are you a Real Estate business owner?
Do you Find difficulty in selling your built houses?

Then showcase your property in an advance and high-quality way through edited Photoshops which sings in the ears of your costumer and encourage him to buy that property
Delhi NCR is famous for its architecture and High tech Buildings. Real estate of Delhi NCR region booming like never had. In Such competition, a Builder needs special photographs of their sites. The retouched photos by Adobe Photoshop help them to allure more costumers. Various Photoshop tweaks can create an ordinary house into a royal one without having the actual furniture or lighting in the house.
My Real Estate Photo Editing Services include:
  • Multiple Steps Image Enhancement
  • Objects/Items/Furniture removal
  • Masking any poor object in the picture
  • Virtual Furniture or any other object
  • Changing Day to dusk Including Sky Replacement
  • Shadow Creation (If Needed)